Communications Division


The Communications Division can be found in City Hall located at 500 N. Cedar Street.  The Communications Center is operated round the clock by four rotating 12-hour shifts.  

Each shift consists of one call-taker and two dispatchers who are responsible for all city E911 telephone calls as well as dispatching for all city departments and other agencies supplying services to the citizens of the City of Lumberton.  Lumberton Police, Fire, Public Works, Electric Utilities and Recreation are all dispatched through the Center.  Other dispatched agencies include Robeson County EMS, Lumberton Rescue, Lumberton Housing Authority, American Red Cross, the Humane Society and more.

The Lumberton Communications Division dispatches emergency and non-emergency traffic.  Emergency medical calls are taken using EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) protocols. 

All Telecommunicators are certified by State and National standards to use the Medical Priorities flip cards, a series of questions designed to determine the nature of the emergency and give instructions to the caller on how to care for the patient until professional services arrive.  

Telecommunicators have given instructions on a wide variety of emergencies ranging from childbirth to CPR.  This service has saved lives and has already proven to be an invaluable addition to the quality of service offered to our citizens.

During the week, an Assistant Director is responsible for maintaining services, monitoring quality assurance for the EMD program, daily shift operations, and also mans the Center.  Also on board is a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) Specialist who maintains the software programs which are vital to the systems that run our facility.

The CAD Specialist, in addition to other duties, is responsible for the burglar and fire alarm logs and tracks false alarms in an effort to reduce the number of unnecessary responses by Police and Fire units.

This Center serves as the location for the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during natural and man-made disasters.  The Communications Division is proud the serve the citizens of Lumberton and strives to deliver the best services possible in the most timely and professional manner.

In 2007 the Center dispatched 57,596 calls.

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