The government of the city and the general management and control of its affairs are invested in a city council, which is composed of eight (8) council members together with the mayor, who votes only in case of a tie; the mayor is elected from the city at large by the voters at large.

The voters of the precinct in which the council member resides elect one council member from each precinct in the city.

The city council directs the exercises of all of the powers of the city. In addition to other powers conferred upon it by law, the council may adopt and provide for the execution of such ordinances, rules, and regulations as may be necessary or appropriate for the preservation and promotion of the health, comfort, convenience, good order, better government, and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants.

As appointed by council, a City Manager serves as the administrative head of the city. The City Manager is responsible for the administration of all city offices & departments, positions, boards & commissions and agencies.

As appointed by council, a City Attorney serves as legal advisor to the city council, the city manager and all city departments, officers and agencies including the Planning Board, Personnel Board, and Board of Adjustments, and represents as counsel the city, its officers, agents, or employees, in any legal action arising out of or connected with the proper functions of the city, its offices, agents, or employees. The City Attorney cannot give legal advice to private parties.

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