• Work with the Mayor and City Council to develop major goals and objectives to meet the needs of the citizens, businesses, and industries of Lumberton.

  • Work with the City Staff to improve the delivery of City services in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Improve Communication and the flow of information to the public on topics of interest including general operation, city budget issues, and capital projects.

  • Communicate to employees the City's expectations for standards of service and implement programs that recognize employees who meet or exceed these standards.

  • Involve employees in the planning process by encouraging them to submit their comments and ideas on topics of interest that will improve community service.

  • Being fiscally responsible by evaluating and monitoring department budgets on a quarterly basis. Work with staff to effectively implement the City's Capital Improvement Plan.

  • Work with City Council and Staff to present a realistic and positive image of the City and its programs to the citizens of Lumberton.

  • Work in partnership with the County, State, and Federal Governments to develop a strategy that promotes economic development.

  • Monitor activities in the NC General Assembly and track legislation that affects local government.


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