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The Public Services Department is one of thirteen city departments. Divisions within the Public Services Department include the Tax Division, Revenue Collections Division, Customer Service Division, and Utility Billing Division. The purpose of the department is two-fold: 1) the department ensures city utility and tax customers are appropriately billed and assures the collection of those billed charges and 2) the department is responsible for the collection of fees billed by other city departments.

The Tax Division is comprised of three staff members, the Tax Collector, Deputy Tax Collector/Revenue Collection Officer (who also oversees the Revenue Collection Division), and a customer service representative. The Tax Division is responsible for the billing and/or collection of city real and personal property taxes, business privilege licenses, occupancy tax, and street assessments.

The Revenue Collection Division is a three member team, two customer service representatives led by the Deputy Tax Collector/Revenue Officer, with a purpose of collecting non-tax related city revenue, primarily utility billing revenue, invoices, parking fines, water/sewer taps, inspection fees, etc. 

Three customer service representatives make up the Customer Service Division. This Public Services Department team is available to assist customers with inquiries and concerns they may have regarding city services, which include electric, water, sewer, garbage, security lighting, and storm water fees.

The Utility Billing Division consists of three team members who are accountable for the accurate and timely billing of city utility services, which include electricity, water, sewer, garbage, storm water, and security lighting.


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